Age related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

ARMD is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness in people aged 50 and older. It happens when there is leakage of fluid in one of the retinal layers. It presents in the macular area -the macula is a very small area on the bank of the eye responsible for your central vision and allows us to see fine detail. As ARMD advances, a blurred image close to the central part of your vision may appear.

As it progresses these blurred areas will change into blank spots and straight lines may appear wavy or incomplete. This will also cause a decrease in contrast sensitivity – the ability to distinguish between certain colours and brightness’s.

Age is a big risk factor to develop ARMD, other factors include smoking, lifestyle, race, family history and genetics. There is currently no treatment for ARMD, regular eye tests will help monitor the progression of your condition.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutritional foods like fish and green vegetables, exercising daily, maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels and AVOID SMOKING will help spare you vision a bit longer.

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