Computer vision syndrome (CVS)

Computer vision syndrome is strain on the eyes caused by prolonged exposure to digital devices. There are numerous factors contributing to strain on your eyes when working on a computer or in the office environment, such as room illumination, glare caused by the screen, seating posture and distance from the screen, the angle of your head to the screen as well as existing visual problems. You will experience these symptoms in the form of eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain.

You can reduce these symptoms by consulting with your optometrist to treat any underlying problems, therapeutic tints like blue-blockers and antiglare can be prescribed to relieve these symptoms.

Position your lighting in a way that feels comfortable to your eyes, never put a desk lamp on your writing hand’s side – this will cause uncomfortable shadows while working/studying.

If your office has big windows, position your desk in a way that the window will face your back, this will eliminate discomforting glare.

Elevate your display in a way that is comfortable for your neck and will encourage good posture, this will relieve possible neck and shoulder pain. Choose a chair that will support your back, neck and shoulders.

FOCUS ON BLINKING, our blinking rate tends to slow down while focussing on digital devices which in turn cause our eyes to dry out.

Take frequent breaks, look away from your device every 20mins to alleviate some eyestrain building up, you can incorporate this into a routine to stretch your arms and neck after sitting for too long.

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