Spectacle Adjustments

Do you experience the following?

  • Frame sitting too high or too low
  • Frame touching eyebrow or eyelashes
  • Spectacles constantly falling off
  • Hurts behind the ear
  • Nose pads pinching
  • Spectacles fitting skew on face

If you experience any of the above mentioned challenges please pop in so that one of our staff members can assist you to make your everyday spectacle experience more comfortable.

At our main practice in Equestria we have a laboratory on site where we can do more complicated frame fixtures, soldering and lens transfers.


  • Never place frame face down on surface
  • Always use cloth supplied by FYEO to clean lenses. Please do not use tissues since there is small pieces of wood that can damage the lens during cleaning
  • Use both hands to remove frame from face
  • Avoid leaving frame in direct sunlight or on dash board of car
  • Always keep safe in case supplied by FYEO optometrist
  • Come and get a good quality lens spray at FYEO to clean your lenses

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